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Found out about a nice new command - chvt. I am using Synergy these days instead of my KVM (something that will be the subject of another, much longer post), which doesn't send Ctrl-Alt-Fn to the client machines. Which normally isn't a problem, because it only works if you are running X, so it wouldn't work anyway from a virtual terminal.

But in this case, it is a virtual machine running Arch Linux (the Synergy client machine is running Windows 7), so changing virtual terminals would be fine. So I needed to find a way to change virtual terminals besides using the Ctrl-Alt-Fn keystrokes.

Enter the 'chvt' command. It needs to be run as the superuser, so issuing this command swaps the virtual terminal to terminal 2:

$ sudo chvt 2

So now I can swap virtual terminals in virtual machines even if I can't get the fancy keystrokes to go through to them.

chvt(1): change foreground virtual terminal - Linux man page

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