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So I'm going to try and be back in the saddle again here at Daemon Dancing World Headquarters. It's been a long dry spell (almost a year!), as I was distracted for a bit with the Linux Love tumblr (for random Linux quickies), my ArChatter blog (for more Arch specific posts) or even, gasp, my "regular" blog, Trifle One-Sided. But I got on a roll the other day and I have a bunch of posts ready to go - all I need is some time to format them correctly!

Just to give a run down of where I am at, computer wise. Here at home I have an i5-2500 Intel with 16gb of ram running Arch Linux. I recently swapped over from KDE to an obscure but fun window manager called xoat ("An obstinate, asymmetric, tiling, window manager for X"). Not usually a fan of tiling WMs, but this has been working out well. I'll have a longer post on my WM searching soon. Tiling WMs seem to make sense if you have dual 1920x1080 displays like I do - plenty of screen real estate.

The server this blog is running on is an older rack server, with a 2.2ghz Xeon, 4gb of RAM and a 22gb RAID drive. It too is running Arch. Which reminds me - I really should update it! As it just runs a few servers, like this Movable Type server, Teamspeak and a couple others, it really doesn't need a whole bunch of horsepower, although sometimes MT can drag it down.

I have been playing with a virtual box over at Digital Ocean via the recommendation of a co-worker. I got 2 months free, and it runs an Arch "droplet", so why not? It is really speedy, although the initial install is a drag because it is before the big "/usr/bin move" (you just need to do step 5, so it isn't a huge deal). I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do with it, if anything. Maybe I'll move my physical server over to it, although even at $5 / month, it is still more expensive than the free co-location at my friend's place of business.

So, with only a modicum of luck and perserverence, I should have plenty of posts here at Daemon Dancing, as I head to my tenth(!) anniversary of the blog.

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