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English: A vector hand cursor and cursor.

English: A vector hand cursor and cursor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most DEs (Desktop Environments) like KDE or GNOME, handle setting the mouse cursor themselves. But some of the lighter WMs (Window Managers) don't, and you end up with a default cursor that is a large black X, which is ugly and it is hard to find the hotspot.

The xsetroot command sets the default cursor, so you can make it be the more normal arrow
cursor pointing to the top left. Other fun options, depending on your cursor theme, are 'boat', 'trek', 'shuttle' and 'hand1'. This all depends on the Xcursor "theme" you have selected, of course. You can put this command in your ~/.xinitrc file so it always runs when you
begin your X session.

xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr
xsetroot(1) - Linux man page

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